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Cortel Loupes

Cortel Design is a US based manufacturer of loupes used by dentist, hygienist, surgeons, veterinarian, and other professionals. Cortel Designs offers a number of high quality customized loupes mounted on fashionable designer glasses and sport frames. Cortel Designs has the invented technology to build custom loupes on any frame in 1 day. 

Pick a designer frame that you like, Cortel Designs will then build your custom loupe.  Cortel Designs high end magnification loupes that are light weight and boast an extended field of vision. They are uniquely customized to your specification. Cortel Designs ensure the highest grade optics are treated with an anti-reflective coating to produce unprecedented clarity and sharpness through the entire field. Premium Coatings For optimum vision and maximum comfort on all our Lenses.

Have a Question? Can't find the loupe your looking for? Our customer service team is ready to assist you. You can contact us via live chat or email and we will respond to you promptly.