2640 George Urban Blvd  Suite 4

 Depew, NY 14043


What's the return policy? 

We  believe if your not happy with our loupes we will refund all your money. 45 days from the day you get the loupes we will give you a full refund. We  do not   charge restocking fees, what ever you paid you get back.


What does the Warranty cover?

The lifetime warranty gives you a complete piece of mind, your covered from the frame to the barrels to the lenses. We ask that you let us know how they broke. If they were sat on or dropped your covered, even water damaged your covered. 


What do I do if my loupe breaks.

If you break your loupes send them to us immediately! We do ask that you pay for  warranty shipping for $17, this allows us to ship loupes back fast. If you are from outside of the USA  your covered too, you will have to email us for the return shipping purchase. 90 percent of the time we get the loupes fixed in one day, example barrel breaks off lens pops out. If you break your fame let us know quick so we can order them for you before your loupe come to us. We also can make a loaner pair for you if needed.

Headlight and battery will have a two year warranty. We also offer a significant discount for Replacement orders beyond the warranty period.


Are your frames authentic?

Yes. All of our brand frames are 100% authentic. 


Can you really get my PD (Pupillary Distance) with a selfie picture?

Yes! It’s a system we came up with that allows us to get the proper alignment of your eyes by calibrating a credit card or gift card. When taking your selfie picture hold the card or ruler under your nose against your face while  looking at the camera. Make sure your arm is extended around 17 inches (43.18cm) while taking the picture. (make sure you cover up your credit card numbers)


How long does it take to get my loupes after I order them?

We have your loupes built and shipped in 2 weeks. Adding a Rx may take a couple more days.


Why is your pricing so low?

We have no middle man, Our company is committed to making a highly professional and Comfortable loupe that you will enjoy for years.


Customer Service

Unexpected Complication sometimes show up, If this should happen —RELAX-  Our Customer service is ready to help you through any Problem,  we stand by our products.


How do you get the loupes built so fast when other companies take so long?

Not only are we the manufacturer of our loupes we developed an innovative process that Allows us  a better way to create a faster quality custom loupe.