Oakley Frame, Cortel Loupes

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Color - Blue

 Single Vision Rx Script available for Oakley. 

After you make your purchase a representative will email you very simple instruction. How to take your selfie picture and how to get your working distance, that's it. You can also go to your local optical and get your distance/infinity PD.    

  • You can change the color of the frame Icon, leave info in notes.

Add a RX 

The stronger magnification is not a reader, if you need a reader with your magnification please let us know. if you use a cheater or reader from +1.75 and up please let us know.

What we do is add a simple reader in the barrels this way the clarity is perfect for you then the magnification makes everything larger. The combination of a reader and the magnification makes everything perfect if you need a reader or cheater. We do not charge for the reader. (reader/cheaters in barrels)


 Loupes come standard with 2.5x. Need more magnification:

Add 3.3X to cart

Add 3.6X to cart

Add 4k Loupe to cart

Add a LED Light


The fit is great the coverage is flawless, you will love these loupes. The frame is designed in a way that makes the loupes feel Ultra Comfortable!

This Loupe comes with:

  • Loupe Case 
  • Head-strap
  • Cleaning cloth


When you add a loupe light combo

you get:

  • Oakley Loupe
  • LED Light Kit with 1 Battery
  • Dual Case (holds the loupe, light and accessories)
  • Accessories - Head- strap, leaning cloth, 2 wire shirt clips, bands wire frame connector, manuals, composite filter for LED light, tool wrench.

Loupes made in the USA