Pupillary Distance, Working Distance, How to Order

Distance PD
Working Distance


Its not required to add a PD or working distance to your order. After you purchase a representative will email or text you very simple info and diagrams of what we need. 

We require a selfie picture for accuracy or a distance PD from your local optical using a pupilometer.

Online apps for Pupil Distances are not recommended. 


All we need is your PD and Working distance, we can get your PD (pupillary distance) from a selfie picture like in diagram.
  • Please make sure you put the back of a credit card, gift card, ruler or store card underneath your nose and against your face for accuracy. The width of the card will let us calibrate Your PD measurements.
  • Extend your arm out with phone camera around 17 inches and stare at the camera while taking picture.


How to get your working distance

You can get your working distance by measuring from the outside corner of your eye to the object you’re looking at in a comfortable position.

(Average WD is 17 inches)




How to Order

  • 1st Pick out a Loupe - Add to cart.
  • 2nd Add a LED Light if needed - Add to cart.
  • 3rd If Needed Rx or 3.3x 3.6x magnification - Add to cart.
  • 4th Place your order (Call us if you have any question) 

Designer loupes 

Sport Loupes

Safety Loupes 

 Remember: Loupes come standard with 2.5x magnification. You can add 3.3x or 3.6x  magnification to your order ($100 up charge)

Email your selfie 

  • info@corteldesigns.com

Make sure you stare at the camera for accuracy.