XOXO Cortel Loupes

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This Is for a Custom xoxo 2.5x loupe. 

Loupes come with head-strap, side-shields, cleaning cloth and case.


Loupes come standard with 2.5x. Need more magnification:

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  • XOXO Milan is a stylish Modified Oval frame for Women.
  • These  Glasses feature a fashionable full frame design. A rim all the way around the lenses, provides for maximum stability and durability..
  • Made of metal, the frame can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit.
  • The frame has adjustable nosepads, a popular feature providing comfort and precision to any nose shape.
  • Designed for Adults, this model has a Spring type hinge for greater comfort.
  • Standard skull temples can be easily adjusted to fit perfectly behind your ears.




    Any question please call.

    Get a Loupe and LED light

    The Cortel Designs Loupes. High end magnification loupes are ultra light weight and boast an extended field of vision. They are uniquely customized to our client's specification. Cortel Designs ensure the highest grade optics and are treated with an anti-reflective coating to produce unprecedented clarity and sharpness through the entire field.

    Premium Coatings For optimum vision and maximum comfort on all our Lenses.

    Loupe purchase with a LED light  will automatically get a Cortel dual Kit.


    Loupe, Light, Light Accessories, 1 Light Battery, Light Charger, Cleaning cloth, head-straps, Side Shields,  Dual Case.

    Made in The USA