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Designer - Sporty

Welcome to Cortel Designs

We make it easy to order loupes online at CortelDesigns.com. All you need is your Working Distance and your Pupillary Distance from a selfie picture. That's it!

We also have our own lab to cut cost and time for our customers.

We offer e-gift cards and Payment Plans, very simple applications. After approval with payment plan please contact us with the credit card info.. 


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Get designer style at affordable prices

Designer Brands We Proudly Carry

Looking for a Specific Frame Or Have your Own Frame?

Send us the brand, the color and the frame number on the arm of the glasses. We can then confirm your pick is Loupe compatible. Or call us about sending us your Frame.


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Brands You Love at Prices You'll Love Even More

Not only do we provide quality, custom loupes, we sell quality brand-name frames like Ray Ban, Coach, and Michael Kors. You don't have to sacrifice style or quality for custom loupes anymore!

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We Offer Custom Declination 0° to 45°

Working Distance from 10 inches to 32 inches. Rx Available in the loupe barrel lenses and Designer Frame Lens. We have Rx inserts avalable on some models.

How to Order

1st Pick out a Loupe - Add to cart

2nd Add a LED Light if needed - Add to cart

3rd If Needed Rx or 3.3x 3.6x magnification add to cart.

4rd Place your order (Call us if you have any question) 

We will email very simple instructions after your purchase

Custom loupes made easy

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Custom loupes made easy

We do what it takes to make purchasing custom loupes easy. Pick out a pair of loupes that you want, then add to cart. Our loupes come standard 2.5X magnification, if you need a stronger magnification you can add a 3.3x to cart or 3.6x to cart and thats it. If you need a light add that to cart. If you need a Rx script for your loupes add to cart. Then you can make your purchase.

After your purchase a representative will email you with a very easy step by step selfie picture instructions. You can send the selfie picture with a mask on and a hat if you would like, all we need to see is your eyes and the card thats against your face under your nose. Make sure you look at the camera when taking the selfie picture.

Selfie picture info