Here is a few from many Testimonials.


I am very pleased with the fast customer service I have received

Since owing my Cortel Loupes! My original battery pack was

Defective and Ed sent one out to me immediately! My head strap needed replacing recently and again

 Ed sent me an email reply within minutes and sent one out that same day! I couldn’t be happier with

My choice of loupes and the Cortel organization! Thanks Ed and gang!



Dear Ed, I just wanted to thank you for the nose piece. I am so glad that I decided to purchase my Cortel

Loupes. Your level of customer service is outstanding! Everyone is very friendly & helpful !

Thanks  again!- Paula


I am madly in love!!! They are perfect! I Can’t thank you enough!!!! I will be sending you some business!!!

- Corrie


Hi Paul,

My loupes are awesome, I absolutely love them and they fit perfectly! Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for looking after me so well


- Rhea


I love them thanks so much! I have referred many friends to you!

- Shannon


It’s perfect for me and the quality is so much better than I thought and feels great!

- Hunter


Hi Ed,

Thanks very much ..  I love the light and we’ll be recommending it and your company to my colleagues..

Appreciate the great customer service

- Ronald


Hello Paul, Thank you for your quick response & help. I really appreciate your great customer service

I will be recommending your company to my colleagues.

- Ron


Hi Ed,  I received my loupes and had an opportunity to use them once. You did an awesome job infixing them. You guys are so nice to work with

- Betty


Hey Ed, I received my loupes and I’m really happy! 


- Pam



I got my loupes!!!!  They are awesome

- Julie=


Thanks for the email! I LOVE the new pair! Better design…I like that the light

does not swivel.

Have a GREAT weekend!

- Karen


Just wanted to let you know I love my loupes. Tried to go online and leave a review but couldn’t

Find a place to do that. If you have a place I can review, I would love to do that.

Thanks again :)

- Lindsay


Ed, I love the loupes. Thanks!  I’ve told some of my co residents how great they are. Used

them in surgery today.


- Chris

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